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    Jesly Teoh

    Master Trainer

    Stationed at Bugis Fri, Novena on Sat

    (Off day Sun - Thurs)


    With 15 years of experience in the professional hair industry and Vidal Sassson trained, Jesly prides herself to customise suitable hairstyles for her customers through in-depth observation of the customers’ face shape, hair texture and skin tone. Her cheerful nature allows her to communicate effectively with her customers and she aims is to create a new image for every of her customers that fits their lifestyle, job and personality.

    Some of Jesly Experiences includes being the top Kerastase Specialist, 2nd Runner Up for Singapore Hair Design Award and Beauty Asia Haircut.
    Her more recent stint is being a Trainer at 1939 Academy which offers higher education for hairstylist teaching them advanced hair techniques.

    Carmen Chew

    Master Trainer

    Stationed at Novena (Off day Tue),

    except for Sat at Bugis


    With 15 years of experience in the hair industry, Carmen is a stylist with many talents. She sees hairdressing as an artistic inspiration and hair as a piece of fashion accessory that is being worn on every customer’s head. Carmen specialises in Japanese Haircut, Men's Haircut, Customising Perms for her customers and Creative Coloring such as Balayage and Ash Tone Colors.


    She is a great communicator and listens attentively to her customers' needs to achieve the hairstyles they desire. Her greatest pleasure comes when she sees her customers happy with the hairstyle that she has created for them.

    Carmen is the finalist of L'Oreal Color Trophy 2017 and Goldwell Color Zoom 2018 Competition.

    Jeremy Ng

    Master Trainer

    Stationed at Bugis (Off day Thurs)


    An uprising star hairstylist in the salon, Jeremy has more than 11 years of experience in the hairdressing industry. Besides being a hair designer with great patience and attention towards details for his customers, Jeremy also prides himself for being a good listener to his customer's needs. He works with great diligence to achieve what his customers desire and has a great passion for making every of his customer beautiful.

    He has won 2nd prize in the "Cut & Style" category in the Singapore Hair Designer Award 2016, and 3rd prize for the Goldwell Color Zoom 2019 Competition Creative Category. Not only is he well versed in color, he is also known as the "Perm Master" of Picasso, Perming around 600 heads a year.


    Liu Ziwei

    Creative Director

    Stationed at Novena (Off day Wed)


    Having trained under Jesly in the hair academy that he was attending, Ziwei’s chemical work mirrors Jesly the most among all the stylists in Picasso! Whether it is hair colouring or perming, each stroke of colour or curve is carefully thought through and created to achieve an overall effect that is both natural and visually impactful.

    Ziwei’s meticulous nature allows him to help Jesly with numerous hair creations that customers have been really happy with. We sometimes call him the second "Jesly." A strong recomendation, if you are looking for Perm or Rebonding in our Tg Pagar outlet.

    Kent Ng

    Creative Director

    Stationed at Novena on Wed and Thurs (Off day Fri - Tues)


    With 29 years of exerience in the hair industry, Kent has earned his Hair Diploma at a very yound age. An outstanding stylist back then which then took the Championship award in the Fantasy Category in a Local Hair Competition.

    Kent specialises in Creative Coloring and Scalp Therapy. A warm and friendly stylist who likes to share hair tips to his client, Kent is sincere and truly wish to achieve the best for his customers. Although he is very experienced, he still takes time to upgrade his hairdressing skills and is also very humble in learning from his peers as he believes that there is never ending learning in a fashion forward industry like Hairdressing.


    Tiffany Tan

    Creative Director

    Stationed at Bugis (Off day Wed),


    With her friendly and approachable character, Tiffany has already gotten many great reviews from her customers. A sincere and talented stylist with 8 years of experience, Tiffany pays alot of attention to details, and is also a great communicator, understanding what her customer wants and needs are, before performing her magical hands on them. She also give great hair design ideas to her customers, and has recently been named as one of the top Singaporean Hairstylist to watch out for by Beauty Under Cover.

    Under her care, customers always feel at ease and know that they are in good hands. A young and promising upcoming stylist to watch out for!


    Mavis Chaw

    Hair Designer and Makeup Artist

    Stationed at Bugis (Off day Wed and Thurs)


    Mavis is a soft spoken lady with big ideas for her customers. A skillful stylist with great determination to create the best hairstyles for her customers, Mavis has a flair for matching different face shapes with different hairstyles to suit each customer and enjoys creating new hairstyles for her customers.

    Not only is Mavis a trained hairstylist with more than 6 years of experience, but also a well-versed makeup artist. Her strength and passion is combining hairstyling and makeup to create a complete makeover for her customers. She has also participated in many hair styling events like Youth SEA Games in 2011.

    Ryan Ting

    Hair Designer

    Stationed at Bugis (Off day Tues)


    Ryan is quick witted stylist who have went through advanced hairdressing and is a talented chap who is meticulous in his work. He is always polite and friendly to all his customers, who takes great care in understanding their needs. Ryan is good with men's haircut and precision is his strength, cause he always seek for perfection in his work.

    Ryan enjoys perming and given his meticulous and detailed nature he is the ideal person to ask for a perm.



    Nicole Lee

    Hair Designer

    Stationed at Bugis (Off day Mon)


    Being the one the finalists of Kerastase Specialist Malaysia 2013 and L’Oreal Style and Color Trophy 2017, Nicole has set very high standards for herself, which also translate down to the quality of work she produces. Yet she remains humble and down to earth, always still open to new ideas and learning. With the high quality of work she produces, together with her humorous nature, this makes Nicole one of the popular choice for customers for coloring. She is also good with men’s haircut, with a strong pull of regular customers.



    Aimee Chow

    Hair Designer

    Stationed at Novena (Off day Mon)


    An Experienced stylist with 11 years of experience in the hairdressing line, Aimee has a very strong foundation in her skills, very knowledgeable and picks up things very quickly. With this level of experience, she is able to work really fast but with precision, allowing her customers to be able to spend lesser time at the salon, but still able to get the results they are looking for.

    Overall, Aimee is also very approachable and warm stylist, and is able to make her customer feel at ease easily.


    Alice Tan

    Hair Designer

    Stationed at Novena (Off day Thurs)


    Friendly and keen to learn, Alice is a conscientious and detailed stylist that constantly seeks to create a comfortable and pleasant environment for her customers. Alice not only does great head massages during hairwash, but also has great eye for details in her coloring and perming work. Having been trained under Jesly directly, her works reflect Picasso's style and standard. Many customers has also given Alice their thumbs up for her great and reliable service.





    Fernnel Teoh

    Scalp Consultant and Hair Spa Therapist

    By Appointments Only


    A patient and caring individual, that truly cares for the scalp and hair of her customers. Fernnel has 10 years of experience in this industry and was previously an assistant trainer at 1939 Hair Academy. She specialises in diagnosing scalp and hair problems, as well as coming up with customised solutions for each of her customers.

    She is also trained in lymphatic massage, and uses her signature scalp and neck massage skills to help customers achieve healthier scalp.


    Wenze Leong

    Senior Hair Assistant

    Stationed at Bugis (Off day Mon)


    A courteous looking gentlemen, Wenze is a calm and clear minded Hair Assistant who is able to multi-task and assist the various stylists systematically. Giving customers the best service and transforming them gives him great pleasure. A fast learner and one of Jesly’s previous student in the academy, Wenze is currently undergoing rigorous training to be a great hair stylist one day.



    Winny Chin

    Hair Assistant

    Stationed at Bugis (Off day Tues)


    Although the youngest in the whole Picasso team, Winny displayed maturity in handling customers. Her hard working nature and willingness to learn attitude won the praise of our stylist team. She is meticulous in her work, and is a strong team player who works with a positive attitude. Her amicable personality coupled with her great working attitude makes her a great Assistant for the stylists at Picasso



    Chris Boo

    Hair Assistant

    Stationed at Novena (Off day Tues)


    A young chap with strong passion for hair. At a young age, Chris knew that he wanted to go into the hair industry. After a few years of studying what his parents wanted him to study, he still finally went back to studying hair which is his first love. Chris is an outgoing and inquisitive guy which makes him the right material to be groomed to be a stylist. Previously went through rigorously training during his younger days, he has very strong foundation to start him off to be an outstanding hair stylist of the future.



    Teo Shiyun

    Scalp Specialist & Marketing Designer

    (By Appointment Only)


    A finalist of the L'Oreal Brandstorm Marketing competition, Shiyun specialises in building Marketing campaigns for the Salon Industry. Having to worked in the beauty giant L'Oreal for 7 years, Shiyun has a strong passion and business sensitivity for building brands and new services for the hair industry.

    Besides having experience in marketing management, Shiyun was also the Kerastase trainer from 2009 - 2011, focusing on providing scalp and hair trainings to salon staff. She has great flair in customising treatments for customers based on their needs and places great emphasis on providing quality services.





    Prices Inclusive of 7% GST (As of 1st April 2018)


    Our team of experienced hair designers are trained to analyse face shapes and skin tones to bring out the best hairstyles to our customers.

    Picasso’s Welcome


    Choose your drink from a selection of drinks and receive a warm hand towel


    Understand your scalp and hair


    Our hair designers will do a through diagnosis of your scalp and hair.


    Understand your face shape for the best hairstyle


    Our hair designers will analyze your face shape to determine the best haircut/perm/rebond to complement your face shape.


    Understand your skin tone for the most appropriate hair color


    Our hair designers will analyze your skin tone to determine what shades of color will fit your skintone.


    Design your hairstyle with our stylist


    Our hair designers will discuss and design a hairstyle for your according to you preference and lifestyle.


    Transformation at work


    Work in Progress



    By MRT: Stop at Novena Mrt and come out from United Square Exit. Turn Right at Goldhill Plaza. We are facing the United Square Taxi Stand at the back of the building. (click on the link below for video directions) https://youtu.be/Oda0ugUJ7QM
    By Car: Park at Goldhill Hill Plaza Multi Storey Carpark.

    1 Goldhill Plaza #01-49 Singapore 308899


    By MRT: Stop at Bugis Mrt and come out from Exit B. Walk towards Raffles Hospital and keep
    walking until you reach the junction of North Bridge Road and Ophir Road. Cross the road
    diagonally and walk towards Bali Lane. Haji Lane is the next street parallel to Haji Lane.

    By Car: Park at Village Hotel Bugis along North Bridge Road/The Plaza along Beach road. Cross
    the road before reaching Haji Lane.

    662 North Bridge Road Singapore 188798


    Contact our stylists for your designer hairstyle today!







    + 65 62910691 (bugis)

    +65 62240221 (tg pagar)





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  • FAQ



    1. Where are you located?


    We have two outlets which are located within walking distance from Bugis mrt and Novena mrt.


    2. Do I have to make an appointment before I come down?


    Although an appointment is not a must, but an appointment is preferred. In the occasion where our appointments are full, we will have to turn away walk-ins. So to avoid disappointments, please do make an appointment or call us at 62910691/62240221 before coming down.




    3. How much are your perm services? And how long does it takes?

    These are our perm packages, and they are applicable for all lengths till Chest. Additional 20% for lengths unrtil waist and additional 50% for lengths waist and below. All perm packages are inclusive of haircut, pre and post chemical treatments. Prices stated are already inclusive of GST.

    4. How long do I have to wait before I can wash my hair after the perm services?

    You can wash your hair after 24 hours.


    5. How long can the perm last?

    Korean Wave Perm - average 2.5 months

    C curve Rebonding/Styling Perm/Rebonding Perm/ S curve Rebonding – average 4 months


    The lastingness of each perm also depends on a few factors:

    a. The health of the hair. The healthier the hair, the more the curls will last. The drier the hair, the lastingness of the curls will be compromised.

    b. Aftercare at home. Avoid swimming/using scalp shampoos after the perm for at least 2 weeks.

    c. The tighter the curls, the more it will last. And thus the looser/ more natural the curls to start with, the lifespan of the curls will also be shorter.


    6. I have _____ hair, how do I know which perm suits me?

    You can come in for a free consultation. Our stylists will analyse your faceshape, discuss with you your desired style and recommend a perm that will suit you.


    7. What are the aftercare after the perm?

    a. Wash the hair only after 24 – 48 hours.

    b. Avoid scalp shampoos or swimming in the next 2 weeks after the perm.

    c. Apply a leave-in curl cream after wash, twist and blowdry. If hair is still abit dry/frizzy after blowing, a serm can be applied after the hair is dry.


    8. I am lazy, I don’t like to blow dry my hair. Can I don’t blow dry my curls?

    We strongly recommend to blow dry your hair in order for the curls to look nice. It is not difficult, no tools are required. Only a hairdryer is needed, twist with your finger and blow dry. It just takes practice to master the skill. We have a few video tutorials on how to blowdry a c curve/rebonding perm on our facebook page.


    Also after every perm done in our salon, our stylists will teach our customers how to blow dry their hair and maintain their curls at home.

    The drier your hair/the bigger the curls you choose the more we would recommend you to blow dry your hair. This is because when the hair is wet, water will pull and weigh down the curls. And thus if the hair is not blown dry, the curls will not be as defined/bouncy.




    9. How much are your creative hair color services? And how long does it take?


    See below:

    9. How many rounds of bleaching are needed for the color that I want to do?

    This is the general guide for the number of bleaching needed. However, this might differ if you have recently done a “Black” color dye or colors with “Red” tones.


    10. How long can the Creative Color Last?

    The darker the colors the longer the color can last. On average the colors that require one round of bleaching can last 3-4 weeks. Colors that require two rounds of bleaching can last 2-3 weeks and Colors that require three rounds of bleaching require 1-2 weeks. This might also differ based on the health and porosity of the hair.

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